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After Graduating from Winchester School of Art Susan became a founding member of Inscape Art and has exhibited at numerous locations with the group, including New Greenham Arts, Fairfields Art Centre Basingstoke, Salisbury Art Centre, Radley College Oxford and Winchester Guildhall among others. She has also exhibited at the Mall Galleries London with the British Society of Graduate Artists and Designers, the Womens Work exhibition Aldershot and at Ace Art Gallery London. Susan has shown her work at the Battersea Contemporary Art Fair and the Landmark Art Fair in Teddington on a number of occasions and was the winner of the Lauderdale House photographic competition at their 2002 exhibition. She has had a solo exhibition at Norden Farm Arts Centre Maidenhead. During this time Susan has produced corporate commissions for Pultwen Ltd. as well as commissions for schools in Maidenhead and various individuals. Susan is also an Untitled-Gallery artist. See .

 "My work is a journey of complex ideas. My research subjects are Angels, ethereal concepts, children, social groups, nostalgia, legend and romanticism. These subjects are explored in contemporary language and are very often intermingled in an overlap of past and present. I use photography, drawing, painting and printing to explore my ideas. Inspirational sources are from art literature, nature (sky, water, landscape) and people. I am a figurative painter but I also enjoy producing abstract work that has a sense of presence. I use colour to try to communicate feelings of the past, dream-like scenarios and issues of immortality."